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Our hassle free migration process ensures your content is moved swiftly without you having to create backups or upload anything to our servers with ZERO downtime.


Zero Downtime Migrations

  • Choose a package and click Order Now
  • Select the option I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers
  • Type in your domain, e.g. mydomainname.co.za then click Use
  • Choose your billing cycle at the bottom of the screen then click Continue
  • Fill in all of your personal details which will be linked to your account for security and validation purposes then click on Complete order
  • You will now see your order number on the screen (e.g. Your Order Number is: 2345558396)
  • You will also receive 5 emails from us which will include important information;
    Emails mentioned above:
    New Account Information - Contains your login details
    Confirm Your Registration - Click on the link in this mail then login to your Client Zone to verify your email address and complete your account registration
    Order Confirmation - Courtesy email containing all of your order details
    Customer Invoice - Your first invoice notification
    Invoice Payment Notification - Your first invoice payment notification
  • Our Accounts department will then activate your account within a few minutes.
  • You may then log a ticket with Support to request your domain name transfer as well as your content migration from your old host. Please include all of your old host`s login details.
  • Once the content has been migrated we will contact you to arrange the domain name transfer as you will need to accept it on your side via email. We will also arrange the DNS change for your domain to point to our servers. You can arrange this for any time so that propagation takes place after hours - this will guarantee ZERO downtime for emails and your website as propagation will take place after hours while you sleep.
  • Wake up to super-fast LiteSpeed enabled Web Hosting

WordPress Migrations

  • Follow the same steps as the above and read the following regarding plugins.
  • Disable all caching and security plugins before the migration to prevent issues with your WordPress site.
  • After the migration, you may re-enable the caching and security plugins. Please note the next bit about LS Cache.
  • All our WordPress users get access to the LS Cache plugin. If you wish to use the plugin and it isn't in your plugin list, download it via the WordPress plugin page on your site, then activate it. Remember to completely remove the previous cache plugin and clear all cache before doing so.

Domain Transfers

  • Go to our Domain Registration page and type the domain you wish to transfer to us, then click on the transfer button.
  • You will receive an email from the registrant requesting you to Accept or Deny the transfer request. Please click the "Accept" link provided.
  • Kindly note, you will have 48 hours to Accept the transfer request before it expires and you will need to submit another request.
  • Propogation may take 2 - 24hrs once the request has been accepted.
  • Transfer fees may apply to certain domains. Please see our prices for the list of domains with transfer fees (available on the domains page)
  • Please note that domains in their anniversary month cannot be transferred before they have been renewed.
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