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Superior Hosting and Customer Service

I’ve just moved to Exclusive Web Hosting from a big player in Cape Town. They’ve shown tremendous competence, with top tier customer service in migrating all my services and domains over with no downtime or frustration. Their promise of superior hardware performance is living up to their word as well.

I highly recommend Exclusive Web Hosting to anyone looking for an all round polished and highly satisfied, happy experience.

Sam G
ExtraBOX Software

Fantastic Service

I had a great experience with Exclusive Web Hosting. I was with another provider before who were barely helpful. EWH made it easy for me and even set up my email to go straight into my Gmail. A dream to work with 🙂
Signing up with them was also a breeze, I almost forgot, because it was so easy.

Lauren F

Impeccable service!!

The company that I work for recently changed over to Exclusive Web Hosting. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. Emails are of the highest importance in our business as we deal with a large overseas client base. It is therefore reassuring to deal with a service provider who are so efficient, friendly, hands on and prompt in their service and knowledge. We feel we are in good hands and highly recommend their services!!

Hunters and Collectors

Phenomenal Service!

Fantastic service from Exclusive Web Hosting. Both pre and post sales service have been unlike anything I have experienced from a local service provider until now. Highly recommend their services to anyone who requires a home for their website or domain!

Bradley R

Hosting at its ultimate best!

Greatest & Fastest support I have ever received from a hosting company, they not only transferred my domains over from another provider but they did so whilst updating me every step of the way. The transferred my domains and my website and gave me so many great added benefits and the cost involved was 1/3 of my previous hosting companies price, My domains & website is now with a trusted and reliable hosting company and cost effective too! they even have a whatsapp line for the fastest support imaginable. I am one really happy customer receiving the best services for next to nothing prices. Service, Performance, Support and Communication Exclusive Web Hosting Excel at everything. I am still stunned by their great service and super fast performance.

Chris P

Such information, much wow

Very knowledgeable support staff, found articles on their FB page that gave me all the information i needed to make an informative decision on my needs/requirements. I even learned a few things. A lot of features come standard with these guys that are paid for on other hosting platforms.

Juan P

Quality support

I messaged these guys over WhatsApp and they were able to give me crystal clear instructions on how to do my migration, and even offered to do it, hassle free, on my behalf. Quality service. If my ongoing support is anything like this, I’ll be sorted.

Kyle B

Super fast and great support

I had speed issues with some of my WordPress sites so I decided to try out their platform. Migrations went smooth without any issues and after running some benchmarks I can only say WOW. Amazing speed and great support.

Bob B