New Client Area Theme + Additional Functions Coming Soon

We are currently developing a new client area theme to conform with the latest WHMCS updates. This will include some additional functionality and will be deployed over the next week. Please do let us know if you experience any problems in your client area by logging a ticket with support.

26th Jan 2020
SSL Indicator in client area

We have received reports that the SSL indicator in the client area (Padlock icon next to domain name) is displaying Red (indicates no SSL is installed even though it is) 

This as a graphical glitch which will be resolved shortly

24th Jan 2020
LVE Manager Updates

We are currently rolling out a new LVE updates which may cause your General Information and Statistics in cPanel to load slowly (information displayed to the right of your screen in cPanel), once the update is complete it will load normally/fast again.

23rd Jan 2020