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How to secure your WordPress website

How to secure your WordPress website WordPress is the most popular CMS used today. And with more than 30% of all websites powered by WordPress it is no wonder that hackers focus a lot of attention on these sites. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you have on your WordPress website… if you don’t…


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7 Ways to Make Visitors Love Your Website

7 Ways to make visitors LOVE your website! Did you know that our attention span is less than that of a goldfish? While a goldfish has an estimated attention span of 9 seconds, most of us have an attention span of between 6 and 8 seconds. It’s no wonder people will leave a website at…


benefits of a website for your small business photo of two smiling entrepreneurs

Benefits of a Website for Your Small Business

What are the benefits of a website for your small business? You might think you don’t need a website for your small business. In fact, why would you want a website if you can market your business on social media? I mean, it’s free right. Or maybe you feel that it costs too much, or…


Aug 2020