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We realized South Africa lacked a web hosting company that could provide it all, and it became an exciting opportunity for us to create a web hosting platform that we knew you would love. One that would fill the gap and provide you with the best hosting experience and support.

The problem

We started Exclusive Web Hosting because we saw the need for a web hosting company that not only provides semi-dedicated hosting for the price of shared hosting, but also provides everything you need to successfully host a website. Since most servers available run on Apache and are either over-crowded or poorly optimised, websites are slower than they should be and this in turn affects bounce rates and search engine rankings. We also found that Resellers' access is severly limited which affects their ability to provide their clients with a better service.

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Exlcusive Web Hosting cartoon of a happy business man looking at his mobile devices

Our solution

To solve these problems, we've fully optimised our servers to provide you with the best speeds and security. Our servers are limited to the amount of domains hosted which provides you with semi-dedicated hosting in a shared environment. We use LiteSpeed Web Server which is 10x faster than Apache and we've included a whole bunch of features for free. Our Resellers have more access to functionality and our highly knowledgeable support team will assist you within minutes of submitting a ticket.

Our servers

Our servers are hosted in the state of the art Samrand Hetzner Data Center. The data center offers a secure, climate controlled, energy efficient environment and is monitored 24/7.

Our offices are based in Port Elizabeth, and we have a team of technicians on standby at the data center to replace any faulty equipment if need be.

Highly trained support team

Our support team is highly trained and highly knowledgable and will be able to assist you with any query you might have.

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cPanel Professional
cPanel Professional Certification (CPP) (CPPCERT)
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cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA) (CWACERT)
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System Administrator
cPanel & WHM System Administrator I Certification (CWSA-1) (CWSACERT)