What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

11 Jul 2019

LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the fastest web server applications available today. It is a drop in replacement for Apache, which means it is compatible with Apache features like .htaccess, mod_rewrite and mod_security.

LiteSpeed replaces all Apache functions which makes it a lot less complex and easier to use, unlike other solutions that act as front-end proxies. It has built in anti-DDoS features which alleviates server load and keeps the server running during DDoS attempts.

Many hosts still use Apache which is free and has been around since 1995, while LiteSpeed is a paid for web server and has only been around since 2002. We've decided to run all our servers using LiteSpeed to provide you with the best speeds and performance possible.

Because LiteSpeed is an event-driven server it is able to handle a lot more concurrent connections compared to Apache which is process based. What this means is that, with LiteSpeed, each process is able to handle multiple requests. Unlike Apache, where each process is only able to handle one request at a time.

The Restaurant Analogy:

Imagine for a moment your web server is a busy restaurant and the customers are the requests the server needs to handle.

The Process-Based Restaurant:

In a process-based restaurant, each employee (process) serves one customer (request). So the employee takes the order, makes the food, and takes payment.

If there are 5 customers, your restaurant needs 5 employees to assist these customers. But what happens when you don't have enough employees? The customer will need to wait, a queue will form and customers will leave.

The Event-Driven Restaurant:

Now imagine the same amount of customers for the event-driven restaurant.

One employee takes everyone's orders and relays this to the chef. The chef cooks all the meals and gives the order back to another employee who delivers these meals.

Once the customers have eaten, they pay another employee and leave, and when more customers arrive, there is no queue as the employee who takes the orders is available to do so.

LiteSpeed LSCache

The LiteSpeed LSCache plugin is also available for all popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. It is much faster than other caching plugins available and is packed with a variety of features to deliver superior performance to your CMS sites.

Our Servers are LiteSpeed Fast

Are you looking for fast hosting? Then check out our web hosting, reseller hosting and website design packages. We use LiteSpeed on all our web servers and all CMS users have access to the LS Cache plugin free of charge.

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