cPanel Price Hike

10 Jul 2019

cPanel Price Hike Announcement

Oakly Capital, the holding company for cPanel, has recently announced a cPanel price hike for all licenses. This has severely affected the hosting industry world wide and has caused a major uproar from hosting providers. In this announcement, cPanel mentioned that they will no longer be providing server licenses for unlimited users and will instead charge per user.

The company explained the change in its updated licensing guide, saying that:

When cPanel defined its original pricing structure, some twenty plus years ago, servers were not as powerful as they are today. Thanks to constant innovation in the hardware sector and optimization in our software, we can now run hundreds of websites on a single processor system. With this change, we align ourselves with this growing technology.

What does this mean?

In the past, a cPanel license for one server was set to $45 for unlimited accounts. Now, with the pricing restructure, the same cPanel license of $45 only covers 100 cPanel accounts. Additional accounts will be charged at $0.20 each.

How does this cPanel price hike affect you?

As a web hosting customer, this will have no impact on you as our pricing structure includes the cPanel license. However, it will have an impact on all resellers. We have amended our reseller packages to limit the amount of cPanel accounts as a temporary measure while we investigate alternative options for our resellers.

In the mean time, resellers have access to a reasonable amount of cPanel accounts free of charge and can purchase additional accounts for R3.50 each via the client zone.

Future plans?

We'd like to provide our customers with the best hosting experience and since cPanel is a well known and widely used control panel, we want to make sure that we find the best possible alternative before we implement it.

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